Dunne 'saddened' she won't be part of Olympics as she shares brutal fail video (2024)

OLIVIA Dunne shared a hilarious reaction to missing out on this summer's Olympics in Paris.

The former LSU gymnast, 21, is one of the biggest stars in the sport thanks to her huge social media following.





But she will not be with Simone Biles and Team USA in France.

Dunne took to TikTok to point out why that may not be such a bad thing.

The influencer posted a video of gymnastics fails with the caption "Very saddened to hear I was not selected for the 2024 Olympic Games" and a version of the Star Spangled Banner playing in the background.

Dunne's future is up in the air as she decides whether to return to LSU for one final year.


Dunne 'saddened' she won't be part of Olympics as she shares brutal fail video (5)
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Dunne 'saddened' she won't be part of Olympics as she shares brutal fail video (6)
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"So I do have eligibility for a fifth year, which I haven't decided yet," she told the New York Post."I am thinking about it

"I don't think I'm going to try for the Olympics or anything after, since I once competed forTeam USAand I closed that chapter and went to LSU."

Dunne opened up on why she had turned away from the Olympic path in 2021.

"That dream has died. I got hurt when I was about 15 or 16 years old," she said on theBFFs: Dave Portnoy, Josh Richards, and Bri Chickenfrypodcast.

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"My bone had died in my ankle and it fractured, so I realized maybe this isn't for me anymore and maybe I should just go to college and be healthy and happy."

Dunne's boyfriend - MLB sensation Paul Skenes - has praised her for helping him in his early baseball journey.

Olivia Dunne shows off incredible physique in skintight outfit as she falls into flattering position and fans gasp 'wow'

"It's been great. She's helped me in a lot of ways in terms of managing all the hype," he said.

"How to manage everything that goes around being a pro athlete, she's kinda lived it."

Dunne has spoken about how she finds it more nervous watching Skenes than competing herself.

"I get more nervous watching Paul because it's just different when you're not doing it and you're not in control," she said in a video by Bleacher Report.

"But I am confident in his abilities and I kinda channel those nerves into excitement for him."

'An awesome person'

Dunne 'saddened' she won't be part of Olympics as she shares brutal fail video (11)

Travis Kelce has teamed up with Olivia Dunne for a new career venture.

The NFL tight end is filming commercials with the superstar gymnast for energy drink Accelerator.

Kelce was asked about his acting career in an interview with Good Morning America.

"Got Livvy Dunne in the building," Kelce said.

"LSU gymnast, absolutely an awesome person. She's down there making Accelerator look amazing."

Dunne's former teammate Elena Arenas has given an emotional goodbye to fans.

Arenas suffered a back injury that threatened her career during the 2023 season and is now retiring from the sport.

She posted a long thank you on Instagram, thanking everyone for her journey in the sport.

"I can't quite describe what that past four years have meant to me," she wrote.

"I want to thank every person that played a role in my career, every coach, every teammate, my family, the fans, support staff, etc. Y'all truly paved the way.

"To LSU, the greatest university, you gave me the opportunity of a lifetime and allowed me to be a part of something so special.

"I stepped into a home full of the most amazing people, made memories I will cherish forever, and made relationships that I will forever have.

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Dunne 'saddened' she won't be part of Olympics as she shares brutal fail video (12)
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Dunne 'saddened' she won't be part of Olympics as she shares brutal fail video (13)

"To my teammates, I would not be the person I am today without y'all! Each and everyone of you have made such an impact on my life and I can't thank y'all enough for being by my side through thick and thing.

"To the fans that bleed Purple & Gold, y'all are THE BEST! Your support means so much and plays such a role in our successes. There is truly nothing like competing in a packed PMAC on a Friday night."

Dunne 'saddened' she won't be part of Olympics as she shares brutal fail video (2024)
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