Four Hyatt security guards pin down man outside Milwaukee hotel (2024)

A shocking video captured the moment four security guards pinned a man down outside a downtown Milwaukee hotel - ultimately leading to his death.

Dvontaye Mitchell, 43, was pronounced dead at around 4pm on June 30 outside the Hyatt Regency hotel, where security guards were seen trying to hold him down as he pleaded for help.

At least one of the guards appeared to be kneeling on Mitchell's back, while another was seen holding his head in the video posted to Instagram by his cousin Samantha Mitchell, which she said was shared to the family by a witness on the scene.

The other two were seen holding down his legs and arms.

The guard holding his head also appeared to hit Mitchell with an unidentified object several times and yelled at him to 'Stay down! Stop fighting!'

But Mitchell could be heard grunting and shouting 'Please help! Please! I'm sorry.'

A shocking video shows four security guards pinning a man outside a Hyatt Regency hotel in downtown Milwaukee

When one of the guards ultimately notices he is being filmed he says: 'This is what happens when you go into the ladies room!'

When the guard holding his head ultimately notices a bystander is filming them, he says: 'This is what happens when you go into the ladies room!'

Police have said Mitchell walked into the hotel that afternoon and caused a disturbance. They did not specify what happened, but witnesses said he locked himself inside a bathroom with a woman, Fox 6 Now reports.

He then allegedly fought with security guards as they were escorting him out, and the guards detained him until the police arrived at the scene.

But when authorities finally arrived at the hotel, they found Mitchell unresponsive and, after performing life-saving measures, pronounced him dead at the scene, NBC News reports.

Mitchell's mother said she was taken aback later, when she saw the injuries to her son's body.

'It looked like the side of his face was bashed in,' Brenda Giles told WTMJ.

'All across here, it was just swollen.'

Dvontaye Mitchell, 43, was pronounced dead on the scene of the hotel on June 30

Giles has since suggested that her son was suffering from a mental health episode, and is calling for justice with the help of famed civil rights attorney Ben Crump - who called Mitchell's death 'disturbing' and 'reminiscent of the killing of George Floyd.'

'Everybody in America after George Floyd should have trained their employees and security personnel to not put knees on people's backs and necks,' Crump, who previously represented Floyd's family, said at a news conference on Monday.

'And when people are having problems breathing, don't keep them in a prone position.'

The attorney went on to blame the security guards' use of 'excessive force' for the death of an 'unarmed man,' as he called for a 'thorough and transparent investigation' into their actions.

Mitchell leaves behind a wife, daughter and a son

His family is now demanding criminal charges be filed against the security guards, and have called for more transparency in the investigation

Mitchell's grieving family is also demanding criminal charges be filed against the security guards, and have called for more transparency - asking for security footage from inside the hotel to be released, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

They note that Mitchell leaves behind a wife, daughter and son.

'They murdered my child,' Giles told WTMJ, adding that her 'frustration lies' with the security guards.

'Ain't nobody been charged with this case,' she said. 'They tryin' to sweep this under the rug and we not letting it go under the rug.'

Milwaukee police have said its homicide unit is investigating Mitchell's death, but have not yet determined that the case is criminal in nature.

The death is also being reviewed by the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office.

Famed civil rights attorney Ben Crump compared Mitchell's death to that of George Floyd

But in the meantime, Hyatt has said that all of the security guards involved have been suspended as a third-party operator investigates their actions.

'We are working swiftly with the hotel's third-party operator, Aimbridge Hospitality, to understand the full extent of what transpired,' a spokesperson for the hotel chain told NBC News.

'We understand Aimbridge Hospitality is conducting a thorough investigation and has suspended the employees involved in the incident.'

The spokesperson also noted that the hotel is cooperating with police, and said: 'We extend our heartfelt condolences to all those who knew and loved Mr. Mitchell.'

A spokesperson for Aimbridge Hospitality also said it is offering 'our sincere condolences to Mr. Mitchell's family and loved ones.

'We continue to do everything we can to support law enforcement's ongoing investigation into this incident and have no further comment at this time,' the spokesperson told WTMJ.

'We remain committed to maintaining a safe and welcoming environment for all hotel guests and associates,' the spokesperson added.

Still, Crump said he wants to keep Mitchell's death in the spotlight as tens of thousands of people descend on Milwaukee for the Republican National Convention next week.

He noted that the hotel where Mitchell was killed is right across the street from the Baird Center - one of the main venues for the high-profile event.

Four Hyatt security guards pin down man outside Milwaukee hotel (2024)
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