No10 releases video of moment Keir Starmer is congratulated by Biden (2024)

Sir Keir Starmer has released a clip of his historic first conversation with US President Joe Biden since becoming Prime Minister on Friday.

'Mr Prime Minister, congratulations,' the 81-year-old American premier said in his first words to Britain's 58th Prime Minister in a short call last night.

'What a hell of a victory! Congratulations,' he repeated as Sir Keir cracked a smile, leaning in to address Mr Biden through a telephone on a desk at Number 10.

'Thank you, Mr President. It's been a long night and day,' the Prime Minister said in something of an understatement, before expressing his thanks and plans to see Mr Biden at a NATO conference in Washington next week.

'There is no doubt under your leadership, our two countries are going to continue our special relationship,' the President assured Sir Keir, himself plodding on from a much-hyped interview aired that day that pushed Mr Biden on questions about his ability to stand for re-election.

'We're working together on just about every issue: supporting Ukraine, managing the competition in China, advancing cooperation with AUKUS,' the President reiterated.

🚨 NEW: No 10 has released a clip of Keir Starmer's call with US President Joe Biden last night

Biden: "Congratulations, what a hell of a victory!"

— Politics UK (@PolitlcsUK) July 6, 2024

Sir Keir Starmer spoke to President Joe Biden on Friday on day one of his premiership

The Prime Minister assured of the importance of the 'special relationship' in his first call

'Firstly the special relationship is the bedrock for... our defence, our security and prosperity which is obviously central to our missions for government,' the Prime Minister replied, rounding off the short clip with an assurance of continued relations with the United States under Joe Biden's presidency.

The pair are due to meet next week at a NATO summit in Washington next week, a priority for Sir Keir shared by the US President with felt threats from Russia and China still looming.

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'It is for me to be absolutely clear that the first duty of my government is security and defence, to make clear our unshakable support of Nato,' the Prime Minister said upon election.

But as Sir Keir put out calls to world leaders to set a positive tone for work to follow, he was snubbed by former - and potentially future - US President Donald Trump, who instead hailed thefive-seat electoral breakthrough of his ally Nigel Farage's far-right Reform UK party.

Joe Biden, still batting away criticism for his performance in a televised debate against Trump at the end of June, will be keen to reiterate his commitment to security and building bridges abroad - as critics find Trump less predictable on foreign policy.

On Friday, Biden appeared in a televised ABC interview to address the criticism head on, blaming his debate performance on sickness - and blaming Trump for 'distracting' him with misinformation.

As the clip aired on Friday, Biden staggered through a speech in Madison, Wisconsin, vowing to stay in the race and beat Donald Trump 'again in 2020' [sic].

'Well, let me say this as clear as I can - I'm staying in the race,' Biden said at the rally. 'I'll beat Donald Trump. I'll beat him again in 2020. By the way, we're going to do it again in 2024.'

Biden turned the tables on the 76-year-old, poking fun at himself while pointing to Trump's own gaffes.

'By the way, if you're wondering whether Trump has it all together, did you ever hear how he explained the Fourth of July, when he was president?' Biden asked. 'No, I'm serious. This is true.'

During Trump's 2019 Salute to America speech at the Lincoln Memorial, the Republican said that George Washington's continental army was successful because it 'took over the airports' of the British.

'And they talk about me misspeaking,' the 81-year-old Biden said.

President Joe Biden speaks at a rally in Madison, Wisconsin on Friday to shore up support

Not every Democrat is convinced President Joe Biden should stay in the race, with one attendee in Madison holding a hand-drawn sign that read: 'Pass the torch, Joe'

President Joe Biden proclaimed Friday that he's staying in the presidential race - before telling a crowd in Madison, Wisconsin that he'd beat rival Donald Trump 'again in 2020'

In his calls to world leaders on his first day in office, Sir Keir also reached out to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to reiterate his 'unwavering' support for Ukraine in its resistance against the Russian invasion.

'I am grateful to Prime Minister Starmer for reaffirming the UK's principled and unwavering support for Ukraine,' Zelenskyy said on social media.

The Ukrainian leader said he had congratulated Starmer on his victory in Thursday's general election, which saw Starmer's Labour party secure a landslide victory, ending 14 years of Conservative rule.

'We coordinated positions ahead of the NATO Summit in Washington and other international events, as well as discussed ways to strengthen our partnership,' Zelenskyy added.

The Prime Minister also spoke to President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he began to navigate his role beyond Britain.

And the new Foreign Secretary, David Lammy, was welcomed in Berlin for his first international trip since Labour's victory.

'The time has come for the United Kingdom to reconnect with the outside world,' Lammy said in an interview in Berlin.

'I want to get back to a balanced position on Israel and Gaza. We've been very clear that we want to see a ceasefire ... We want to see those hostages out.'

He added: 'The fighting has to stop, the aid has got to get in, and I will use all diplomatic efforts to ensure that we get to that ceasefire.'

Lammy did not elaborate.

The Labour Party suffered significant election setbacks in areas with large Muslim populations in the election on Friday amid discontent over its position on the war in Gaza, despite a landslide victory in the parliamentary vote.

Lammy also said Britain would seek to reset its position globally on issues including the climate crisis as well as key relationships, such as with European and emerging powers.

Keir Starmer speaks during a news conference following his first cabinet meeting today

The Prime Minister received his first call from an international leader from French President Emmanuel Macron, however, who phoned late on Thursday night to congratulate him on his victory in the general election.

'Congratulations Sir Keir Starmer on your victory. Pleased with our first discussion,' the French President wrote on Twitter/X early on July 5.

'We will continue the work begun with the UK for our bilateral cooperation, for peace and security in Europe, for the climate and for AI.'

Late on Friday, 10 Downing Street shared a statement on social media reporting that the new Prime Minister had spoken to allies and partners 'across the world'.

'The UK stands ready to continue to work with them to deliver security and growth at home and abroad,' the pithy statement read.

No10 releases video of moment Keir Starmer is congratulated by Biden (2024)
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