Walmart Grocery pickup and delivery: How to make an online order (2024)

Walmart Grocery pickup and delivery: How to make an online order (1)

With people staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic, Walmart Grocery pickup and delivery is an essential way of getting fresh groceries and pantry staples while maintaining social distancing.

Walmart Grocery is one of the best grocery delivery services in the market, and in addition to delivery, also offers a pickup option. Customers in over 1,600 cities, can shop from the website or from the app, then select a time slot for either delivery or pickup. Take note that demand is exceedingly high right now and there are few time slots available.

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Walmart Grocery first launched by testing in a few cities in 2015, then began adding more cities and regions. Mostly, Walmart Grocery offered online shopping with in-person, same-day pickup. But the service began evolving into a delivery service, as well, in the last year. Currently, it's available in over 1,600 stores.

Walmart Grocery offers fresh groceries, including vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood, dairy and bakery goods. In the same order, customers can also shop for other Walmart items such as household supplies, electronics, home furnishings, beauty products, clothing and toys —basically anything Walmart sells at low Walmart prices.

No membership or subscription is required, though you will need a login, which you can create with your email address.

Walmart Grocery pickup and delivery: How to make an online order (2)

Shopping at Walmart Grocery is easy and simple. Go to the website,, or download the app for iOS or Android.

Enter your location to find nearby available stores and peruse the available time slots. (This is another reminder that time slots are in high demand during the coronavirus pandemic.)

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Then, shop as you would at any other online site. The navigation menu is broken down into the typical sections you'd find at a grocery store (i.e. fruits and vegetables or deli). You can also search for specific products. Walmart also helpfully marks items that have a Rollback discount.

As you shop, your cart will display the minimum order amount you must place (which depends on your local store). Once you're done shopping, you can check out using standard payment options.

Walmart Grocery delivery fees

If you select delivery from Walmart Grocery, the delivery fee starts at $7.95. It varies depending on the time slot. The delivery fee will be shown when you check out.

Walmart Grocery pickup is free, though there may be a fee to get your pickup faster.

If you sign up for Walmart Grocery's Delivery Unlimited package, delivery is free on all orders. Delivery Unlimited costs $12.95 per month or $98 per year.

Walmart Grocery delivery slots and order times

Walmart Grocery started out offering same-day pickup and delivery, with time slots as soon as three hours.

However, the coronavirus pandemic has exponentially increased demand for grocery delivery services. Customers should expect difficulty in claiming time slots.

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    Walmart Grocery pickup and delivery: How to make an online order (2024)
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